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Homage to the pioneers of aviation
The Pilot Watch Magazine
02 April 2024

Passion for innovative design and outstanding craftsmanship

The Aviator watch brand, based in the heart of Swiss horlogerie, in Porrentruy, was launched in 2000 by the Russian watch manufacturer Volmax. Volmax unites under its roof a whole range of well-known watch brands, in addition to Aviator so, for example, the Sturmanskie brand.

By creating a distinctive collection of high-quality pilot’s watches, the young company quickly gained recognition beyond the borders of Switzerland. Aviator timepieces appeal to pilots and watch enthusiasts alike. They combine precision and functional elements with a timeless and distinctive design.

Bringing research, quality and tradition inspired by the world of aviation to create the modern day pilot’s watch that accompanies the passion along your life’s journey.


Homage to daredevil men and women in flying boxes

Aviator watches are a tribute to the pioneers of aviation, to the daredevil men and women in their flying boxes. They are developed by outstanding master watchmakers in their own workshops at the Swiss regional airport in Jura. Surely the ideal place to literally infuse the spirit of aviation into the creation of a new timepiece.

Extensive research and rigorous testing

The creation of a new Aviator pilot’s watch is preceded by extensive research, rigorous testing and many meetings with pilots. Only in this way can each new timepiece later meet the diverse requirements of a modern pilot’s watch. It is only logical that each model is tested under real conditions in a wide variety of aircraft types – from a simple old-timer to a state-of-the-art fighter jet. This is certainly one of the reasons why Aviator timepieces are used worldwide by airline and military pilots as well as by various aerobatic teams.

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