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Breitling / Airborne Films

Hollywood legend John Travolta and Breitling

Two icons meet
Emily Mallow
Breitling / Airborne Films
11 May 2024

Magical photo shoot in front of the historic X-15

An unforgettable liaison between the world of luxury watches, Hollywood glamour and fascinating aviation history becomes a reality in 2015. Renowned Swiss watch brand Breitling and Hollywood legend John Travolta come together for a captivating photo shoot against the backdrop of the legendary X-15 at the historic Mojave Air and Space Port in California, a unique location with a rich aviation history and a significant role in today’s space industry.

The X-15 rocket plane – a milestone in aviation history

As an experimental rocket plane, the X-15 completed a total of 199 impressive test flights between the years 1959 and 1968. With its groundbreaking altitude record up to the threshold of space – 107,960 m in 1963 – and its speed record of 7,274 kilometers per hour, i.e. Mach 6.7 in 1967, the X-15 makes a significant contribution to the development of space flight and to expanding the limits of aviation. The impressive history of this aircraft thus adds an extra dose of authenticity and significance to the photo shoot.

John Travolta – multifaceted personality and multi-talent

John Travolta, world-renowned for his iconic roles in films such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp Fiction, is not only an award-winning actor, but also a passionate pilot with an impressive collection of his own aircraft. Since his youth, he has harbored an enthusiasm for aviation that would become his lifelong passion, shaping his life both on and off the screens and monitors. As a licensed pilot, John Travolta is an influential ambassador for aviation who also enjoys sharing his love of flying with others.

The collaboration between Breitling and John Travolta is based on their shared passion for aviation and embodies values such as precision, elegance and a sense of adventure.

The meeting of Breitling and John Travolta

The collaboration between Breitling and John Travolta is much more than a mere advertising partnership. It is based in particular on a shared passion for aviation as well as its gripping history. John Travolta, who has long been an admirer of the brand, is a perfect fit for Breitling’s brand image, which is known for its close ties to aviation and precision timekeeping. As brand ambassador, Travolta embodies all the values that are also central to Breitling: Precision, Elegance and Adventurousness.

A harmonious symbiosis

The photo shoot of John Travolta in front of the X-15, directed by the multi-award-winning French production company Airborne Films, is a visual masterpiece that not only fascinates, but is also an impressive tribute to the heroes of the skies, their boundless passion for flying, and the art of watchmaking. It vividly reminds us of the importance of aviation history and illustrates that courage, research and the spirit of discovery always open the gates to new horizons.

The series of photographs – later featured in advertisements for Breitling’s Chronomat 44 pilot’s watch – shows John Travolta against the majestic backdrop of the X-15, conveying the magic of an extraordinary symbiosis of Hollywood glamour, history and luxury watches. The images captivate Travolta’s enthusiasm for aviation and the elegance of Breitling watches, creating an incomparable link between these two fascinating worlds.

When passion connects brands and people

This extraordinary collaboration between luxury watchmaker Breitling and Hollywood legend John Travolta shows how a shared passion can bring people and brands together to create something special. The symbiosis of Breitling’s precision timepieces with the fascination of aviation, embodied by the charismatic personality of John Travolta, is a unique synergy that sets the hearts of watch lovers and aviation enthusiasts alike racing, redefining the boundaries of collaboration between art and technology.

Photo shoot with John Travolta and Breitling
Breitling / Airborne Films / YouTube


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