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Constantin Weisz

High-tech meets tradition
The Pilot Watch Magazine
Constantin Weisz
17 December 2023

Timepieces like in the heyday of the Swiss watch industry

Constantin Weisz, or CW for short, is a watch brand from Cheyron based in Cologne, Germany. CW was founded in 2005 by watch enthusiast and entrepreneur Dirk Motz. With Constantin Weisz – by the way an artificial name, which stands as a symbol for old traditional watchmaking art – Motz revives the glorious times of the Swiss watch industry and its history.

On the one hand, Constantin Weisz offers its clientele modern, CNC-manufactured cases with laser-cut hands and indices. On the other hand, small patinated marvels that show the true art of watchmaking. In other words: New old stock – historic but new movements made by renowned Swiss manufacturers such as Adolph Schild, Unitas, Fleurier and Venus, for example. The timepieces are sold via the company’s own website as well as via teleshopping channels.

We love what we do. We do what we love. We make watches for our customers. Since 2005. Just watches. Nothing else.

Dirk Motz

A piece of watch history

Timepieces from the house of Constantin Weisz – including, of course, pieces for pilots – are limited editions and handcrafted. They are equipped with either high-quality automatic or hand-wound movements and feature bracelets made of stainless steel or certified organic leather. Double anti-reflective sapphire crystal and stainless steel cases testify to special quality. And the design? A piece of watch history.

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