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Zero West

Zero West

Iconic moments for the wrist
The Pilot Watch Magazine
Zero West
19 January 2024

Luxury time machines from Great Britain

Zero West is a British watch brand founded in 2016 by two friends and watch enthusiasts Graham Collins and Andrew Brabyn in Emsworth, a town in Hampshire, England. Launched exclusively in strictly limited editions, the timepieces tell iconic moments of British history – on land, sea and air – in a unique combination of place, time, style and historic typography. The brand name Zero West is derived from the so-called zero meridian, i.e. the meridian from which the geographical longitude is counted to the east and west. Today, the best-known zero meridian is the meridian of the London observatory Greenwich, which was established in 1884 and is also known as the Greenwich meridian.

The micro-brand’s chronometers have potential for cult status and are based on a series of the best Swiss ETA movements. ETA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse is an internationally active manufacturer of quartz-timed and mechanical movements that belongs to the Swatch Group. Originally the result of a merger of various manufactories, the company supplies individual components as well as kits and complete movements to customers all over the world. The result of the cooperation between Zero West and ETA is an impressive collection of attractively designed, sophisticated and ergonomically optimized luxury timepieces – including, of course, attractive pilot’s watches – that are appreciated by everyday wearers and collectors both east and west of the prime meridian.

There is a time and place for everything.

Zero West

Highest standards and lowest tolerances

All case parts, dials and hands of the attractively designed timepieces are designed in the company’s own studio, manufactured to the highest standards and lowest tolerances, and assembled in England with great attention to detail. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystals feature a double-matched convex curvature, reducing optical distortion to a minimum. A special coating is applied to the inside of each lens to reduce reflections. Zero West uses only Swiss Super-LumiNova lighting elements with high afterglow performance. Finally, a wide range of high quality processed leather watch straps complete the offer.

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