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The Pilot Watch Magazine
22 April 2024

Flying Tigers inspired pilot watches for professionals

Gavox, based in Brussels, is founded in 2011 by Belgian engineer and entrepreneur Michael Happé. The brand name is inspired by the two words galaxy – universe – and vox – the voice. The word combination Gavox is synonymous with technology, astronomy and the passionate spirit of research of the company’s founder.

The small watch manufactory specializes in high-performance timepieces for professionals and interested amateurs – chronometers for explorers and adventurers who must absolutely rely on their watches as tools. Thus, Gavox has been an official partner of the Belgian Air Force since 2014 and equips their as well as other European pilot squadrons with quality pilot watches. The watch specialist offers its customers both mechanical models and modern quartz watches.

Gavox is a Belgian brand of high-performance timepieces designed and manufactured for professional users.

Michael Happé

Pilot watches are a matter for the boss

The microbrand’s collections are based on the design of analog cockpit instruments and offer a wide variety of functions, such as 24-hour time display, alarm, stop function, military time, mission timer, multiple time zones, moon phase and perpetual calendar. Company founder Michael Happé still personally takes care of the development and production of his timepieces, handles orders and answers inquiries.

The spirit of the Flying Tigers

Happé is not only a passionate watch enthusiast, but also an avid pilot. His family has deep roots in aviation; his grandfather was a squadron member of the legendary Flying Tigers. The American Volunteer Group, as it was officially called, was founded by the Republic of China Air Force in 1941. Its mission was to oppose the Japanese invasion of China with its P-40 Tomahawk fighters during World War II. The group consisted of pilots from the United States Army Air Corps, Navy, and Marine Corps and was under the command of Major General Claire Lee Chennault. Today, the Flying Tiger grandson from Belgium recreates the spirit of this world-famous flying squadron in his pilot watches.

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