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Stewart Dawson London

Stewart Dawson London

Timepieces inspired by timeless aesthetics
The Pilot Watch Magazine
Stewart Dawson London
11 February 2024

The rediscovery of the British watchmaking art of the 19th century

The history of the Stewart Dawson London brand begins as early as the middle of the century before last. David Stewart Dawson, usually just called Stewart Dawson, is an Australian jeweler and entrepreneur born in 1849 in Cairnie, Scotland. In 1876, after completing his apprenticeship, he opened a small watch and jewelry store in Liverpool, England. Business was so good – thanks in part to major deliveries of watches to the Liverpool police – that his name quickly became known beyond the local borders.

Trade with Australian customers in particular was so successful that Stewart Dawson emigrated Down Under in 1886 and founded the watchmaking company Stewart Dawson and Co. in Sydney. Branches quickly followed in Melbourne, Australia, in the New Zealand cities of Auckland and Dunedin, and in the English capital of London. In 1931, the entrepreneur sold his watch business to the English department store chain RHO Hill. David Stewart Dawson died in Sydney in 1932 at the age of 82.

Stewart Dawson London timepieces are Swiss-made, represent Italian design and have a British soul.

Stewart Dawson London

Elegant Swiss-made watches with a British soul

Stewart Dawson London is reminiscent of the once successful watch enthusiast and businessman David Stewart Dawson – the rediscovery of 19th century British watchmaking. The timepieces of the brand reinterpreted in 2015, including appealing models for pilots, represent Italian-inspired, high-quality Swiss-made watches with a British soul.

Stewart Dawson London is a label of the D Group, founded in 2005, with branches in Europe, North America and China. It focuses on the production and distribution of premium products in the fields of watches, luxury accessories and OEM, i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer. From conception to development and production, original, high-quality products are manufactured for all of its own brands – including Stewart Dawson London – as well as for prominent customers worldwide.

Stewart Dawson London Timepieces
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