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Military inspired timepieces
The Pilot Watch Magazine
31 December 2023

Modern technology in the design of classic military watches

Christian “Chris” Jeffery, founder of the British watch label 96Zero, and his father are both ex-soldiers and have always been watch enthusiasts. So it seems only logical that the two of them should jointly launch the project of their own microbrand for military-style timepieces in 2020.

Christian initially spends hours working his way through websites of countless microbrands. He quickly realizes that there is a wide range of different watch models out there, but not what he and his father envision for their own brand – military style, something familiar yet unique, no copies of well-known brands. And the whole thing should also be affordable. Something completely new must be developed.

We want owners to be able to wear a watch that has the specifications of brands beyond the affordability of most.

Christian Jeffery

Appealing design with a retro feel

The result of the development: 96Zero timepieces convince on the one hand with modern technology in an appealing design, on the other hand with a retro feeling influenced by the history of classic military watches.

96Zero pilot watches, despite their size, look light, not bulky and can be worn on the wrist as well as smaller watches. Customers have a choice of three different bracelets with each watch: A stainless steel bracelet, a military-style fabric strap, and an extra soft fabric strap.

The secret of the 96Zero brand name

Lastly, a question that Christian Jeffery is always asked: Where does the brand name 96Zero actually come from? The answer is as simple as it is perplexing: 960 is the last three digits of Christian’s army number. So it was only natural to use them for a brand of military-inspired timepieces

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