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A luxury watch brand like no other
The Pilot Watch Magazine
23 February 2024

Luxurious timepieces with elegance and sophistication

Stührling – or spelled Stuhrling – is founded in 2002 by American watch enthusiast and entrepreneur Chaim Fischer in Brooklyn, New York. The brand name is a reminiscence of Max Stührling, a master watchmaker who lived in Switzerland in the late 18th century. Stührling, protégé of the famous watchmaker Louis Audemars, was considered a renowned expert of his time, specializing in particular in elaborate complications such as perpetual calendars, chronographs and moon phases.

Already the first timepiece of the New York watch label, an impressive tourbillon wristwatch, enthused the watch scene. Other models with elegance and sophistication quickly followed, including appealing chronometers for pilots. Stührling sources its calibers from China, Japan and Switzerland, and the assembly of the luxurious watches takes place mainly in the Middle Kingdom – a guarantee of quality at attractive prices. Today, the product range extends from mechanical classics with skeletonized dials and tourbillons to robust sports timepieces with precise quartz movements.

We are dedicated to craftsmanship and attention to detail, making sure that each watch is a work of art.


Automatic movement and tourbillon

Many timepieces from the American watchmaker have a mechanical drive. This is wound either by manual winding or via an automatic mechanism. With the latter, a spring is independently tensioned in small steps by means of a rotor plus gear transmission when the wearer moves his arm. Early models of automatic wristwatches were sometimes equipped with a pendulum oscillating weight instead of a rotor, colloquially also hammer automatic. Automatic watches are characterized in particular by ease of use, smooth running and a generally smaller rate deviation than mechanical watches with manual winding.

In the mechanical movements with tourbillon – French for whirlwind – installed by Stührling, the oscillating weight and escapement system of the watch rotates on its own axis to achieve a less position-dependent rate accuracy. Due to gravity, the accuracy of conventional watches is not the same in all positions. The “whirlwind mechanism”, on the other hand, distributes the effect of gravity much more evenly over the oscillating system, i.e. the balance and balance spring. The tourbillon was invented by the French watchmaker and mechanic Abraham-Louis Breguet and patented in 1801.

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