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10 December 2023

Watchmaking expertise and innovative design

Chronoswiss is an exclusive fine watch manufacturer based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1983 by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang in Munich amidst the triumphant success of the quartz watch. Lang, an enthusiastic watch specialist, firmly believes in the unbroken fascination of mechanical watches. The goal of his entrepreneurial ambitions is clear from the very beginning: handmade mechanical timepieces, manufactured in the best Swiss quality and distributed worldwide. The very first wristwatch created by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, a mechanical chronograph with moon phase display and mineral glass back, is just one of many world firsts that were to follow from the house of Chronoswiss.

Chronoswiss is also the first brand to create the Regulator – a watch with a central minute hand and separate displays for seconds and hours – as a wristwatch and place it at the center of its collection. Distinctive design features of the world’s award-winning timepieces – including the title of Watch of the Year 2003 and first place in the Golden Balance ranking – include in particular the fluted bezel, the onion crown and the patented screw connection for securely joining the bracelet and lugs.

Chronoswiss is the first brand to create the Regulator as a wristwatch and place it at the center of the collection.

Oliver Ebstein

Open to tradition and innovation

In 2012, the Swiss entrepreneurial Ebstein family takes over the company from founder Gerd-Rüdiger Lang. Oliver Ebstein, the new head of Chronoswiss, opens the doors at the headquarters in Lucerne to interested parties and enthusiasts. Visitors can now admire watchmakers at their precision work and experience in the dial atelier how traditional watchmaking art is transferred into the 21st century.

Chronoswiss literally lives tradition and innovation to this day. In addition to the assembly and finishing of movement parts, the Atelier Lucerne continues to cultivate the art of guilloché, enamelling, and skeletonizing. The innovative areas of service, development and prototyping are constantly being expanded and extended.

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