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Iconic pilot watches from Germany
The Pilot Watch Magazine
25 February 2024

Watchmaking reminiscence of flying legends

Messerschmitt is a licensed brand of the German Messerschmitt Foundation in Munich. The high-quality pilot’s watches with the iconic name have been carefully handcrafted by qualified watchmakers at the Pforzheim watchmaker Aristo Vollmer since 2002.

They are a horological reminiscence of flying legends of the 1930s and 40s such as the four-seater Me 108 touring plane, the Me 109 fighter plane, the first series-produced Me 262 jet fighter, and their ingenious aircraft designer and aviation pioneer Willy Messerschmitt. Developed and produced in Germany, the timepieces are powered by quality movements made in Switzerland.

Thanks to their high-quality Swiss-made movements, these wristwatches manufactured in Pforzheim are a fitting tribute to aviation pioneer Willy Messerschmitt.


Onboard instruments on the wrist

Messerschmitt’s producer, watch specialist Aristo Vollmer, is a German watch and metal bracelet manufacturer based in the jewelry and watchmaking town of Pforzheim, whose history dates back to 1907. As early as the 1940s, Aristo was a supplier to the German Air Force, producing military watches for the Reich Aviation Ministry, so-called RLM watches, later called observation watches or just B watches for short. Their clearly designed dials allow immediate recognition of the time, even in flying operations. The additional stop function with hour display also gives the pilot precise information about the flight time – a real on-board instrument on the wrist.

Aircraft designer and aviation pioneer

Willy Messerschmitt was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1898. He grows up in Bamberg, where his parents run a large wine shop with a wine tavern. Already at the age of 10, the aviation enthusiastic boy first builds airplane models and later, as a schoolboy, real gliders, which he tests himself with his friends. in 1934, in addition to the famous Me 108, which set new standards in lightweight construction and is regarded as a model of modern aircraft construction, Messerschmitt, who has since studied engineering, designs the Me 109 fighter used by the German Air Force in World War II, followed later by the record-breaking Me 209 and the Me 262, the first series-produced turbine-powered aircraft. Messerschmitt died in Munich in 1978 at the age of 80.

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