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Synonymous with robustness and precision
The Pilot Watch Magazine
05 January 2024

Timepieces of the highest quality and lasting value

Doxa is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1889 by Swiss watchmaker Georges Arthur Ducommun-dit-Verron in Le Locle. Doxa – the Greek word for fame – soon became synonymous with timepieces of the highest quality and lasting value. The small watch manufacturer soon became known far beyond the borders of Switzerland and its timepieces were recognized in specialist circles. In 1905, a Doxa pocket watch receives the honorary prize at the Exposition Universelle et Internationale World Exhibition in Liège, Belgium. In 1906, an anti-magnetic Doxa wins the gold medal at the World’s Fair in Italy.

The automotive revolution is in full swing at this time. Georges’ inventiveness and talent for optimization are expressed in an ingenious solution to a growing need: on the long-distance races, which are the talk of the town, the dashboard lacks a robust and reliable watch with sufficient power reserve. In 1907, he applied for a patent for the 8-day Doxa caliber. It initially becomes standard equipment in racing cars, later also in ships and aircraft. In the decades that followed, more and more innovations followed – and the name Doxa was always synonymous with robustness and precision.

Doxa means innovation, precision and determination.


Downfall and new start

Doxa is hit hard economically by the introduction of inexpensive quartz watches in the 1970s and 80s, changes hands several times and already seems to disappear into irrelevance. But in 1997, the Biel-based watchmaker Jenny acquires Doxa’s trademark rights. Until then, the Swiss family business had been known primarily for producing high-quality diving watches. The new start succeeds: with the introduction of limited new editions of its watches, Doxa regains a foothold in the market. Today, the watch manufacturer focuses on the production of sports and diving watches, but models for pilots can also be found in its collection.

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