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Iron Annie

Reminiscence of the good old Aunt Ju
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Iron Annie
04 January 2024

Pilot watches in the design of an aviation icon

Iron Annie, on the market since 2017, is a brand of the Bavarian watch specialist Pointtec, which among other things also successfully distributes pilot watches of the Zeppelin brand. Until 2019, it also produced exclusive timepieces for aviation pioneer Junkers. All brands not only make the hearts of the global aviation community beat faster with the sound of their names, they also stand for innovation and pioneering spirit, traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, quality and a long service life.

Pointtec is a German medium-sized company, independent and owner-managed. This guarantees the watchmaker the necessary decision-making autonomy and flexibility to respond almost in real time to the needs of its customers. Founded in 1987 in Ismaning near Munich by watch enthusiast and entrepreneur Wilhelm Birk, the company is now represented in around 40 countries and has decades of experience in design as well as in the manufacture of timepieces.

All watches are manufactured by highly qualified personnel in Germany, mostly in the company’s own traditional production facility in Ruhla, a tranquil little town in Thuringia. In addition, Pointtec uses first-class international suppliers, who also provide components to well-known manufacturers of high-priced luxury watches. By the way, the timepieces of the exclusive watchmaker naturally bear the quality designation Made in Germany.

The Iron Annie collection is a reminiscence of the famous Ju 52 from the Junkers aircraft factories in Dessau.


Aunt Ju and Iron Annie

The sophisticated Iron Annie collection is a reminiscence of the famous aviation icon Junkers Ju 52, a German passenger and transport aircraft from the 1930s and 40s affectionately called “Tante Ju” by Germans and “Iron Annie” by Americans no less personally – known in particular for its three engines and silver corrugated sheet metal planking.

Even today, the old lady of aviation – albeit in steadily decreasing numbers – can still be found all over the world. A few preserved models of the Ju 52 are exhibited in museums or at airshows, and some of them still move through the air. For more than 90 years, the legendary aircraft with the affectionate nickname has been one of the world’s best-known aircraft.

Quality timepieces from Germany

Like their legendary role model, all Iron Annie pilot watches stand for technical innovation, robustness, quality and reliability. Made in Germany by highly skilled watchmakers, the timepieces impress both friends of historic aircraft and collectors with their distinctive design and excellent price-performance ratio. The watches from Pointtec are available in different lines for both men and women. They are powered by automatic, quartz and even solar-powered movements.

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