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Symbol of independence and individuality
The Pilot Watch Magazine
12 April 2024

The right timepiece for every taste

The history of the Timex brand dates back to 1854, when the Waterbury Clock Company was founded in Waterbury, Connecticut. At that time, Waterbury was considered the Switzerland of America, the stronghold of the American watch industry. The watchmaking company achieved great fame during the First World War.

Waterbury Clock is commissioned to convert the inexpensive Yankee pocket watch a model made by its sister company Waterbury Watch – into a practical, reliable and robust wristwatch for the military. The watch becomes a success. The simple and practical timepiece is very popular with the troops, provides faithful service to the soldiers – and makes Waterbury Clock famous.

And it continues. In 1933, the Waterbury Clock Company receives a license from Walt Disney to manufacture the first ever Mickey Mouse clock – a sensation. The timepieces with the likeable cartoon character on the dial tick their way into the hearts of Disney fans young and old all over the world. The entertainment company’s collaboration with Waterbury Clock exceeds all expectations. By 1957 alone, over 25 million Disney clocks are sold.

In 1854, we combined the art of European watchmaking with American ingenuity to take clocks from the mantelpieces of the top ten thousand and bring them to the world.


From the Time Company to Timex

During World War II, the watch manufacturer changes its name to U.S. Time Company. As early as 1945, the company secured the rights to the Timex brand name, which – coincidence or not – was at least a little reminiscent of its well-known Swiss competitor Rolex. Five years later, in 1950, the first timepiece was launched under the Timex name. Over the next two decades, the model was to become such a box-office hit that the U.S. Time Company finally changed its name to Timex in 1969.

Cheeky commercials and tough tests

Cheeky commercials and spectacular endurance tests catapulted Timex to the top of the best-selling watch brands in the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s. In particular, the launch of its own digital quartz watches allowed Timex to continue its success story in the 1980s and 90s. Soon, the company was not only selling its own models, but also producing exclusive timepieces for other well-known brands, including the well-known fashion labels Guess, Ecko, Nautica, Valentino and Versace.

Always the right watch

Special features such as special backlighting of the dial or alarm time setting by means of a rotating bezel are appreciated by everyday wearers and collectors alike. To this day, the American watch brand with its multi-layered portfolio – including, of course, chronographs for aviation enthusiasts – is one of the leading manufacturers of wristwatches. Timex guarantees the right timepiece for every taste – an individual symbol of independence and individuality.

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