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Real pilot watches for professionals
The Pilot Watch Magazine
21 April 2024

Timepieces inspired by the design of classic aircraft instruments

Pilot’s watches have always been a fascinating subject for watch enthusiasts and pilots alike. With their distinctive looks and special functions, they are not only timepieces, but also reliable instruments that support pilots in their flying adventures. One notable brand that specializes in pilot watches is Trintec. The Toronto-based company is founded in 1984 by pilot and watch enthusiast Brendon Nunes. The Canadian watchmaker is considered the first manufacturer whose patented timepieces are inspired by the design of classic cockpit instruments.

Trintec is known for its robust and reliable watches designed specifically for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. These exceptional timepieces are particularly distinguished by their unique appearance, technical innovations and high-quality workmanship. One of the most striking features of all Trintec pilot watches is their distinctive dial design. The characteristic arrangement of the hands and indices enables fast and precise readability, while the luminous markings ensure optimal display of all indications even in absolute darkness.

Trintec supplies its watches to the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers as well as to many well-known aerospace companies.


Functional pilot watches for professionals

Depending on the model, Trintec’s pilot watches are equipped with a wide variety of functions. These include, for example, special flight calculators that allow pilots to quickly and easily calculate important parameters such as flight time, speed and distance. The chronometers are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and titanium, and are equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to withstand the demanding conditions in the cockpit. Trintec is a licensed partner of Cessna Aircraft Company. The Canadian watch manufacturer’s best-known customers include such well-known companies as Airbus, Boeing, British Airways, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

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