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More time for perfection
The Pilot Watch Magazine
01 January 2024

Precision watches in timeless perfection from Bavaria

Damasko was founded in 1994 by German engineer and watch enthusiast Konrad Damasko in the Bavarian town of Barbing near Regensburg. The brand focuses on manufacturing extremely robust timepieces that perform reliably even under extreme conditions – for example, on the wrists of German Eurofighter pilots.

The team of the small family business consists of watchmakers, craftsmen and machinists. Today, they operate a total of around 50 laser cutting machines, lathes and state-of-the-art milling machines whose accuracy is in the sub-micrometer range. In other words, absolute precision from Bavaria.

Two examples: The ceramic rotors manufactured in-house at the watch manufactory are virtually unbreakable and withstand even the most stringent endurance tests. The special black DLC coating applied to the surface of selected Damasko models – including pilot’s watches – also gives the timepieces a virtually unscratchable surface.

For Albert Einstein, time was relative – for Damasko, the quality of time is absolute.


High-tech from the Upper Palatinate

Long-lasting, innovative, accurate and extremely resistant – characteristics that timepieces from the Upper Palatinate fine watch manufacturer can boast. More than 100 patents, registered designs and utility models now protect both Damasko watches themselves and their manufacturing techniques.

Materials, which Damasko introduces for the first time in the construction of watch movements, play a special role. Starting with nanotechnological coatings for a lubricant-free escapement and ending with a patented hairspring made of polycrystalline silicon. It is precisely this material that makes chronometers from the Bavarian watchmaker’s workshop not only extremely accurate, but in particular insensitive to magnetic fields and extreme fluctuations in temperature and pressure. It is not without reason that Airbus test pilots have been relying on Damasko pilot watches for many years.

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