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Always visible timepieces from Switzerland
The Pilot Watch Magazine
18 February 2024

An American success story with Swiss watch technology

Luminox is a Swiss watch brand founded in 1989 by American watch enthusiast and entrepreneur Barry Cohen and his friend Richard Timbo in San Rafael, California. The brand name has its origins in Latin and alludes to the modern and forward-looking dial illumination developed by Luminox – Lumi means light and Nox means night. Made in Switzerland and awarded the Swiss made label, the timepieces are also designed and produced for the military and other special forces, among others.

Since 2016, Luminox has been part of the Swiss Mondaine Group, an independent and family-owned watchmaker based in Pfäffikon, Canton Zurich. The brand now exports its timepieces, which are in the upper price range, to more than 50 countries. Some of the models are equipped with quartz movements, others with mechanical movements. The unique feature of all Luminox watches: The time displays can be read at night thanks to tritium gas lamps in miniaturized glass capsules – and they are energy-independent, without a battery, for up to 25 years – a watch that is always visible.

Many elite forces all over the world rely on Luminox, which is why the brand made a name for itself for robustness, durability and readability in all light conditions.


Luminox and Lockheed Martin

Luminox supplies a wide variety of military units, elite troops, as well as outdoor adventures, athletes, and interested mainstream consumers around the globe with its specialty watches. The Swiss watchmaker’s timepieces are considered rugged, durable and easy to read in all lighting conditions. For example, Luminox is the official watch partner of the American aerospace company Lockheed Martin. As part of this partnership, Luminox draws inspiration from one of the most revolutionary aircraft of its time developed by Lockheed, the famous Lockheed Constellation.

Nicknamed Connie, the aircraft fundamentally changed civil and military aviation and set many significant records, including the fastest flight from Burbank, California to Washington, DC in 1944 in just under 7 hours at an average speed of 331 miles per hour, about 533 kilometers per hour. This record flight is piloted by none other than TWA owner Howard Hughes, who was instrumental in bringing the aircraft to market. The combination of high performance and outstanding design makes this aircraft a legend of aviation. Today, it inspires Luminox in the development of new aviation watches.

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