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America’s leading watchmaker
The Pilot Watch Magazine
12 December 2023

Unparalleled craftsmanship from the United States

The American watch brand RGM is founded in 1992 by American watchmaker and entrepreneur Roland G. Murphy in Lancaster. While still in high school, Murphy worked part-time for a small watchmaker’s shop, so his interest in the ticking marvels on his wrist quickly grew. In the 1980s, the young technology enthusiast continued his education at Bowman Technical School in Lancaster, and in 1986 he attended the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program in Switzerland. After successfully graduating, Murphy works for the traditional Hamilton brand on behalf of the Swiss watchmaking group SMH, where he ultimately serves as technical director until founding his own microbrand.

RGM’s home is Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, an area steeped in American watchmaking tradition. Roland G. Murphy and his team are proud that many of their components, cases, and movements are traditionally made in the U.S. – inspired by Murphy’s time as a Swiss watchmaker and restorer. Classic craftsmanship, modern manufacturing combined with time-honored technology, the highest quality and tight tolerances – these are the ingredients of every timepiece made by RGM. RGM’s collections are extremely diverse. They range from exclusive everyday watches to custom luxury chronometers in the top price league – including, of course, appealing models for pilots.

In the the late 1800’s the great age of modernized watchmaking began in America. Today, both history and watchmaking are alive and well at RGM.

Roland G. Murphy

Modern technology and traditional craftsmanship

RGM is considered America’s only watchmaker that still designs and manufactures its own unique movements, dials and hands. Produced in strictly limited numbers, the microbrand’s luxury watches can invariably compete with the high-quality Swiss-made models of their competitors. At RGM, modern technology is mixed with traditional craftsmanship. Murphy’s slogan says it all: America’s Premier Watchmaker.

The RGM Story
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