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Award winning British pilot watches
The Pilot Watch Magazine
17 May 2024

Timepieces born out of love for aviation

Bremont is an award-winning British fine watch manufacturer based in Henley-on-Thames, a small town in the county of Oxfordshire in the mid-south of England. The company was founded in 2002 by two brothers, pilots, technology lovers and watch enthusiasts Nick and Giles English, who are living their childhood dream with Bremot.

Because when they weren’t conquering the skies in a flying vintage car with their father, a former Royal Airforce pilot, Nick and Giles spent most of their childhood building or restoring technical things in their father’s workshop. So one day, an old clock purchased at an auction piques their interest. With ambition, commitment and patience, they get the good piece ticking again. And ultimately, this very same old clock also sparks Nick and Giles’ great love for the art of watchmaking, which is still reflected today in each of the distinctive timepieces with the stylized propeller on the dial.

The Bremont brand name

It sounds unbelievable, but that’s exactly how it is said to have happened: In the late 1990s, Nick and Giles English are flying over France in their vintage biplane, a 1930s De Havilland Gipsy Moth. A storm is coming, visibility is getting worse, and then this – the engine stops running smoothly, forcing the two aviators to make an emergency landing in the middle of a field. To avoid the bureaucracy of French authorities, the two brothers gladly accept the help of the farmer on whose land they have just landed. Until their flying box is repaired, Nick and Giles are accommodated in the farmer’s house, and the plane is parked in the barn. It turns out that their host served as a pilot in the French Air Force during World War II, and is also himself – like Nick and Giles – an extremely gifted engineer and watch enthusiast. In gratitude for his warm hospitality and help, the brothers later named their watch brand after the friendly Frenchman. His name was Antoine Bremont.

Time is just time – It depends on what you do with it.


A piece of British watchmaking history

Nick and Giles English tell an amazing piece of British watchmaking history with Bremot. They partner with some of the best British engineering firms to develop and test their timepieces, including names like Martin-Baker, Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Jaguar and Williams Racing. Since the beginning, Bremot has only manufactured very high quality chronometers. Inspired by a love of aviation, Bremot timepieces are tested far beyond the normal requirements of a pilot’s watch, from altitude and temperature tests to ejection seat launches. Each watch must prove itself under incredible stress.

The company is investing significantly in its own manufacturing over the years, opening its state-of-the-art Manufacturing & Technology Centre in 2021. All watches in the core range are either COSC or ISO chronometer certified. In addition, Bremot’s timepieces are handcrafted with great care, in limited quantities and exclusively in the UK. Bremot makes watches for military units around the world and is the exclusive luxury watch supplier for the UK Ministry of Defense.

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