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Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross

Form follows function
The Pilot Watch Magazine
Bell & Ross
07 April 2024

From the cockpit to the wrist

The French watch brand Bell & Ross was founded in 1992 by two study friends, watch lovers and aviation enthusiasts Bruno Belamich Bell and Carlos A. Rosillo Ross. Over the past decades, their timepieces in the design of mechanical on-board instruments have become an undisputed reference in the field of professional aviation watches, both in France and on the international stage. Bell & Ross watches – instantly recognizable by the unmistakable & mark in the logo – are equally popular on the wrists of pilots and in the display cases of collectors.

True to their motto Form Follows Function, Bell & Ross build functional, durable and utterly reliable pilot’s watches to military specifications in a distinctive design. Each of their watches is inspired by technological advances in aviation and meets the highest standards of performance and appearance.

Bell & Ross design and manufacture functional and beautiful watches that reflect the brand’s motto: Function dictates form.

Bell & Ross

Technical precision and timeless elegance

Timepieces from Bell & Ross are manufactured in the Swiss factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds and offer the proverbial expected accuracy of a Swiss watch in terms of quality and perfection, even in extreme situations. In particular, the Bell & Ross chronometers meet four fundamental requirements that are nowadays demanded of every modern pilot’s watch: Legibility, functionality, precision and insensitivity – technical reliability in harmony with timeless elegance that always dispenses with the superfluous in favor of the essential. Civilian and military pilots as well as astronauts rely on Bell & Ross watches during their flights and missions. Bell & Ross is the official supplier of the French Air Force and the European Space Lab Mission, among others.

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