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Customized luxury watches
The Pilot Watch Magazine
25 April 2024

Personal luxury watches for individualists

Undone is a small Hong Kong-based watch label founded in 2014 by young watch enthusiast Michael Young and a small team of designers, technicians and watch industry professionals through a crowdfunding campaign. Undone’s first timepieces were delivered in 2016. The special feature: Each chronometer can be individually configured before it is ordered, so it is made as an exclusive one-off.

Using various templates, the customer puts together his own personal watch from a wealth of possible combinations. Dial, case, hands, bezel, bracelet – everything can be customized according to the customer’s own wishes and preferences. A corresponding preview tool shows every change and addition. The unique piece is then manufactured according to these specifications at Undone in Hong Kong, tested and shipped worldwide.

Individuality and character usually cost a lot of money. Undone promises friends of high-quality timepieces these attributes at a reasonable price-performance ratio. The chronometers of the Hong Kong watch manufacturer appear elegant and luxurious, but at the same time minimalist and simple. Depending on the model, they are powered by a precise mechanical movement or a quartz movement.

In the future, there will be no more fixed products, everything will be personalized in some way.

Michael Young

From the idea to the personalized watch

Michael Young was born in Hong Kong and became fascinated by timepieces of all kinds as a child. After graduating, he initially devoted himself to repairing watches from other manufacturers before founding his own label. The idea: individual luxury watches for individualists, freely configurable according to the customer’s wishes – a model that does not yet exist in this form and up to this point.

Michael Young financed his dream of his own watchmaking company with a successful campaign on the US crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The New York-based company is considered a pioneer and the most successful provider of this type of financing. Just one year after the launch, Undone is producing its coveted one-of-a-kind pieces – including attractive pilot chronographs with a wide range of functions – for customers from all over the world.

Customized watches from Undone
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Biatec Corsair Vintage Collection
Corsair Vintage Collection / Biatec

Biatec Corsair Vintage Collection

Fighter plane legends for the wrist

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