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Jack Mason

Jack Mason

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The Pilot Watch Magazine
Jack Mason
21 January 2024

Classic Americana influences and contemporary design

Jack Mason is the brand of watch enthusiasts and entrepreneurs Craig Carter and Michael Reese from Dallas, Texas, USA. Craig and Michael share a passion not only for attractive timepieces, but especially for designing and manufacturing high-quality products. So in 2013, the two friends took the plunge and founded their own men’s watch label together – it was the birth of Jack Mason. The market launch of the first watches took place in 2015.

There are few accessories that are as iconic and have as much history as the wristwatch.

Jack Mason

Timepieces inspired by the American Southwest

Jack Mason offers its clientele different collections, including 1930s-style aviator watches. All timepieces are made of high-quality materials – quality movements from Switzerland and Japan, sapphire crystals, and Italian leather straps. Each model is designed with great attention to detail and manufactured with great care in limited editions. Inspired by the American Southwest, Jack Mason combines classic Americana influences with contemporary design – all at affordable prices. Since its inception, the American brand has earned a strong reputation in the watch community and has been steadily increasing its market share ever since. Jack Mason is popular and appreciated by newcomers and seasoned collectors alike.

Watch design at Jack Mason
Jack Mason / YouTube

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