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The somewhat different micro brand from Hong Kong
The Pilot Watch Magazine
18 December 2023

Breaking conventions with timepieces

Micro-watch brand Calvin Junior, or CJR for short, was founded in 2014 by watch enthusiast Calvin Ng in Hong Kong. The crowdfunded company is backed by a small team of creative creators and progressive innovators. CJR is committed to a vision no less than pushing the boundaries of watchmaking in terms of construction and style with exceptional timepieces – wristwatches bold in design, crafted from high-quality materials at affordable prices.

For Calvin Ng, the art of watchmaking is passion, lifestyle, tradition – and also a big piece of family history. Calvin grew up in a watchmaking family. His grandfather was already a watchmaker in Hong Kong. Even today, he likes to think back to the exciting discussions at his parents’ dinner table – extended conversations about movements and case shapes, about the assembly of timepieces, and about watchmaking in general.

CJR is dedicated to the vision of pushing the boundaries of watchmaking in terms of construction and style with exceptional timepieces.

Calvin Ng

The Ng family watch manufactory was once one of the largest watchmakers in Hong Kong, supplying high-end brands for decades until its closure in turbulent economic times. Calvin knows how closely success and failure, rise and fall, are intertwined in the watch industry. Nevertheless, for him, who studied aerospace engineering and later worked as a successful manufacturing engineer, watchmaking is synonymous with family cohesion, ambition – and an entrepreneurial challenge that he wants to take on with CJR.

It almost seems Calvin Ng is a driven man – driven by the answer to an almost relentless question: how can I create a timepiece that breaks with traditional conventions and rises above short-lived trends and clichéd styles? This is CJR’s mission: not to settle for the ordinary, to simply dare to be different.

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Constantin Weisz

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