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German aviation history for the wrist
The Pilot Watch Magazine
26 January 2024

Modern timepieces in the style of historic aircraft

Fieseler Flugzeugwerke was founded by German engineer, entrepreneur and pilot Gerhard Fieseler in 1930 to design legendary aircraft such as the Fieseler Storch with the highest standards of quality, innovative ideas and the pursuit of perfection. These values live on to this day in the elegant and limited edition watches of the Berlin brand Fieseler Zeitmesser.

The Fieseler Zeitmesser company was founded in 2011 by watch enthusiasts Katrin and Bastian Bausenhardt in the German capital. In the meantime, the brand with the iconic name has earned a considerable reputation among mechanical watch enthusiasts in terms of design, model range and quality. Exclusively produced in limited editions, the automatic and hand-wound timepieces are inspired by the technical achievements of the famous aircraft forge and are marketed under the slogan Aviation History for the Wrist throughout Europe via jewelers and specialist watch stores.

Fieseler timepieces match the proverbial reliability and robustness of the legendary aviators.

Fieseler Zeitmesser

German pilot watch with Swiss drive

The Fieseler watch manufacture pays special attention to reliable technology, the use of high-quality components and extensive quality controls. A Swiss quality movement is usually at work under the cowling. Each timepiece undergoes a comprehensive functional check and must prove itself on the time scale – a special electronic device for measuring the movement’s accuracy – before delivery. In addition, since the beginning of 2023, all watches from Fieseler have been delivered exclusively with vegan straps for animal welfare reasons.

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