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Small label inspired by big brands
The Pilot Watch Magazine
02 May 2024

The perfect combination of price and quality

Borealis is a micro brand of wristwatches from Portugal. It was founded in 2013 by watch expert Maria Ivanova with the support of her colleague Carlos Carvalho. Both have been working in the watch industry for many years before starting their own watch label. Despite the great competition in the market, Borealis’ self-set goal is to offer its customers the perfect combination of price and quality – including, of course, pilot watches. Borealis’ slogan is: Affordable, reliable, professional watches.

Among all the existing companies, I couldn’t find one that offered the perfect combination of price and quality. That led me to start my own brand.

Maria Ivanova

Inspired by well-known brands

Watches from Borealis are deliberately inspired by the design of big brands. There are good reasons for this. Familiar shapes and patterns are usually more easily and quickly accepted by customers than surprisingly new ideas. In addition, with a similar look, the quality of Borealis watches can be compared more easily with existing high-quality brands. And this is exactly where Borealis comes in: Offering quality from expensive brands at a significantly lower price.

Economy, quality and reliability

Quality at reasonable prices. How does this work? Borealis sources its high-quality components mainly from Asia. The movements built into the timepieces come from well-known brands such as Miyota, Seiko Time Module, Seagull, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Borealis passes on the price advantage over European, especially Swiss, quality movements to its customers. Joint purchasing with other brands and manufacturers, as well as direct sales via its own online store, also have a positive effect on pricing.

Nevertheless, all cases are made of high-quality materials, including bronze, titanium and surgical stainless steel. Borealis’ visually appealing wristwatches are carefully crafted according to strict quality standards. Before delivery, each watch is tested for around 48 hours. This guarantees that it meets all of the brand’s performance and reliability standards.

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