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The Pilot Watch Magazine
12 January 2024

A brand synonymous with individuality and originality

Founded in 2016 by Portuguese-English watch enthusiasts and entrepreneurs José and Joana Miranda, Isotope Watches is a watch brand based in the small town of Harpenden, north of London. The young, independent and enthusiastic micro brand offers its clientele original designs and traditional solutions combined with a classic boutique approach.

The brand name Isotope is derived from science. Isotopes are different forms of the same chemical element. Following this definition, in the world of watchmaking, the Isotope brand is consequently synonymous with both individuality and originality – two qualities that distinguish the company in particular. Incidentally, the “i” in the logo represents the seventh hour. The number seven is considered a universal symbol of luck and unity and has a special meaning in almost all cultures and religions.

Isotope is always determined to break new ground and become first among equals.


The fulfillment of a childhood dream

Isotope co-founder José Miranda has been passionate about timepieces of all stripes since early childhood. His parents gave him his first watch in the mid-1970s, a hand-wound mechanical Timex – the beginning of a great passion, but also of a longing to design, construct, and manufacture watches himself. Isotope Watches is the fulfillment of this childhood dream.

Member of the British Watchmakers Alliance

Isotope Watches is a small fine micro watch brand that has found its home in a world surrounded by luxury holdings with vision, passion and a lot of patience. It is part of the expanding British watch scene and a member of the British Watchmakers Alliance. The design of the British watchmaker is particularly characterized by clean, flowing lines. The timepieces tend to be simple rather than complicated; they are practical, unique and constructed with great attention to detail. The development of a new Isotope watch usually takes one and a half to two years.

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