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From compass to multifunction watch
The Pilot Watch Magazine
03 May 2024

Innovative timepieces from Finland for adventurers and explorers

The Suunto story begins back in 1936, when Finnish engineer and orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen – disappointed with previous products on the market – designs a new and innovative liquid compass. The advantages of his invention are groundbreaking: the needle is much smoother, the direction is easier to read and the indication is much more accurate. Vohlonen patents his invention and lays the foundation for the Suunto brand.

After inventing the wristband liquid compass for orienteers, other models soon followed – first for divers, then for mountaineers. Suunto kept adding new features – altimeters, thermometers and, of course, timepieces. So it is natural to develop pure chronometers as well. Over the decades, the Finnish brand’s products become more and more sophisticated, the collections more and more diverse – everyday watches, sports watches, timepieces for divers and pilots, smartwatches as well as models with GPS reception.

Just like our founder Tuomas Vohlonen, we Finns set our own standards – and the best is never enough.


Robust and innovative multifunction watches

Three years after founding his company, Tuomas Vohlonen died. Since then, the brand has changed hands many times, but is still successfully managed from the company’s Finnish headquarters in Vantaa. The robust and innovative multifunctional watches from Suunto are the ideal companion for daring adventurers, explorers, athletes – and of course pilots who want a slightly different pilot’s watch. Since 2022, Suunto is now part of the Chinese wearables manufacturer Liesheng Technology.

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Lady Gaga meets David Beckham for Tudor

Lady Gaga meets David Beckham for Tudor

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