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Lilienthal Berlin

Quality watches from the German capital
The Pilot Watch Magazine
Lilienthal Berlin
30 January 2024

High-quality timepieces with the name of a famous aviation pioneer

Lilienthal Berlin is a brand founded as a startup in 2015 by two watch enthusiasts Jacques Colman and Michael Gilli. With high-quality watches, the small label revives the spirit of its namesake – German aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal, who at the end of the century before last was the first person to successfully complete gliding flights with a flying machine near Berlin. Otto’s flight experiments ultimately led to the concept of the hydrofoil. The production of the glider in his machine factory is also considered the first serial production of an aircraft.

The design of Lilienthal watches is modern and reflects the cosmopolitan flair of the capital. All timepieces are designed in Berlin and manufactured together with handpicked partners in Germany. Lilienthal guarantees its clientele outstanding quality and climate-neutral manufacturing. The company offers models with both quartz and automatic movements. The attractive design of the Berlin watchmaker has won awards. Coveted titles such as iF Design Award, Green Product Award and Watch of the Year have already been won.

With our design we do not follow trends, we prefer to go our own way.

Lilienthal Berlin

Sustainability with ambition

From the very beginning, Lilienthal Berlin has set itself the goal of working exclusively with sustainable materials – for example, vegetable-tanned leather, cork and vegan leather for the bracelets or recycled coffee grounds for an innovative watch case. It’s also important to the watchmaker that its commitment to sustainability doesn’t simply end with the product. That’s why Lilienthal Berlin’s packaging is 100 percent ecologically produced. The limited collections from the German capital are enjoying ever-increasing popularity among both the environmentally conscious public and classic collectors.

Lilienthal Berlin

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