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Timepieces inspired by royal coins
The Pilot Watch Magazine
28 April 2024

High quality mechanical watches Made in Slovakia

Biatec is founded in 2015 by watch enthusiasts Peter Kozar and Milos Jakubec in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. The company headquarters is located in the small town of Zvolen in the Pohronie region. Peter Kozar has been in the industry for many years before fulfilling his dream of creating his own luxury, yet affordable for the general public, watch label by founding the Biatec brand.

The relatively young micro brand already offers a wide collection of different timepieces – including, of course, pilot watches. It mainly sells these directly to its end customers itself. Furthermore, a network of selected retailers complements the distribution channels.

What sets us apart from most other microbrands is quality, which is our number one priority.


Made in Slovakia

Although manufacturing capacity is limited, all watches are designed and manufactured in the company’s own workshop in Slovakia. Biatec sources the individual components for this from various suppliers throughout Europe. Kozar and Jakubec receive their high-quality high-end movements with particularly high power reserve directly from Switzerland.

Characterized by culture and tradition

The word Biatec – or historically Biatex – most likely derives from the name of a king whose image was stamped on ancient Celtic coins in the region of what is now Slovakia in the first century BC. With Biatec, Peter Kozar and Milos Jakubec want to create a strong link between their brand name and the history of their home country. Both are proud of their origins. Thus, even the company logo is reminiscent of Slovakia’s national symbol, its culture and its tradition.

In search of perfection

The design of Biatec timepieces is elegant, stylish, distinctive, yet simple and inspired by their national heritage, great symbols and technological achievements of the country. A traditional watch for those who don’t like traditional watches per se. Everything else is already said by Biatec’s motto: In search of perfection.

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