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TAG Heuer

Precision and innovation for the world stage
The Pilot Watch Magazine
TAG Heuer
28 March 2024

The benchmark in the luxury chronograph sector

TAG Heuer is considered the industry benchmark in the field of luxury chronographs. Since the invention of the automobile and the airplane, the Swiss watchmaker’s precise and innovative timepieces have made it possible to document top sporting performances to the proverbial blink of an eye – initially only on the wrists of individual daring adventurers, today at renowned racing series and sports competitions around the globe. Since the turn of the millennium, the tradition-rich company based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, has been part of the French luxury goods manufacturer Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, or LVMH for short.

The company’s history began in 1860 in Saint-Imier, when Edouard Heuer, then a 20-year-old Swiss watchmaker, founded his own watch manufacture. Business at the small manufactory developed so well that Heuer moved his operations to Biel – the cradle of Swiss watchmaking – in 1864 and opened a branch in London as early as 1876. Both during Heuer’s lifetime and after his death in 1892, the watchmaking company and its timepieces were considered leaders in precision and innovation. In 1985, Heuer, named after its founder, merged with the Luxembourg-based technology group TAG – Techniques d’Avant Garde – to form today’s luxury chronograph manufacturer TAG Heuer.

Since 1860, TAG Heuer has stood for avant-garde, precision, and bold style – qualities that have shaped the world’s watchmaking history.

TAG Heuer

Fascinating inventions and innovations

Throughout its history, which already spans more than a century and a half, TAG Heuer has continued to surprise with groundbreaking inventions and innovations. These include such fascinating achievements as the stopwatch mechanism, an automatic chronograph movement, the first quartz chronograph with analog display, the first mechanical movement with belt drive, and the first mechanical wrist chronograph with hundredths of a second measurement accuracy. TAG Heuer watches are used to time the Olympic Games, the American IndyCar racing series, Formula 1 and the Alpine World Ski Championships, among others.

World stars with impressive looks

The exclusive luxury timepieces – including appealing pilot chronographs – are characterized in particular by their impressive appearance as well as by a wide range of special functions. Rotating bezels with distinctive riders, luminous hands, screw-down crowns, slide rules and, of course, stopwatch functions delight everyday wearers and collectors alike. Collections range from models with quartz movements to traditional mechanical movements to trendy and smart smartwatches. The Swiss watchmaker also repeatedly attracts attention with prominent advertising partners, including world stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cristiano Ronaldo, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Tiger Woods and Marija Sharapova.

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