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Icons of aviation on the wrist
The Pilot Watch Magazine
17 March 2024

Ticking stories of people and their machines

Avi-8 is a brand of Solar Time Limited based in Hong Kong. Solar Time and its partners in Germany, the UK, China and Switzerland specialize in particular in the trade of high-quality watches. They already unite under their umbrella a number of well-known watch brands, including Dufa, Spinnaker and just the subsidiary brand Avi-8.

“Aviate”, as Avi-8 is correctly pronounced, was founded in 2012 and offers its customers a wide range of the most diverse pilot watches in various design variants. Avi-8 sees its chronographs not only as professional timepieces, but also as a tribute to selected historic aircraft, paying homage to their designers and their heroic pilots.

With our timepieces, we aim to highlighting interesting and important facets of aviation history.


Aviation legends on the wrist

Each Avi-8 watch – developed equally by watch experts, pilots and historians – tells the story of a specific aircraft type and brings its history to life on the wrist of its wearer. Among them are famous aviation icons such as the Hawker Hurricane, the Supermarine Spitfire and North American Aviation’s P-51 Mustang.

Man and machine

Avi-8’s timepieces are high quality and have established themselves in the aviation watch segment due to their excellent value for money. Their functional designs quote the shapes and lines of famous aviation legends, tell stories of men and their machines, and thus appeal to enthusiasts of historic aircraft and friends of mechanical watches alike across collections.

The Avi-8 Story
Avi-8 / YouTube

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Sustainable design from Denmark

Guinand Starfighter Pilot II Chronograph

Guinand Starfighter Pilot II Chronograph

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