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Exotic materials at affordable prices
The Pilot Watch Magazine
28 December 2023

The impressive one-man microbrand from Singapore

The microbrand Zelos is founded in 2014 by watch enthusiast and young entrepreneur Elshan Tang in Singapore. From a young age, Elshan has been passionate about the small ticking marvels, starting to collect his first luxury watches as a teenager. After successfully completing his studies in mechanical engineering at the National University of Singapore, he starts a small watch business, but soon decides he would rather start his own watch label – Zelos is born.

Zelos, son of the Titan Pallas and the river goddess Styx, is the personification of eager striving and passion in Greek mythology. Attributes that no less fit Elshan Tang, who devotes himself day after day with great zeal and passion to the creation of unique and distinctive chronometers. The mechanical timepieces of the one-man microbrand from Singapore are made from high-quality materials – including such exotic materials as Damascus titanium, which shimmers in various colors, or the gray-blue metal tantalum – with great attention to detail, and their inimitable design language always tells a very individual story, depending on the collection and model.

I believe this is what the brand has become best known for: exotic materials at affordable prices.

Elshan Tang

Via Kickstarter to a global brand

Elshan Tang finances the production of his first watches through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform – with great success. Zelos quickly inspires a steadily growing audience of online watch lovers. Elshan’s original designs, his clear focus on quality, as well as the offer of timepieces at a fair price-performance ratio find resonance in the watch world. Today, many tens of thousands of watches sold later, Elshan Tang is still the sole employee of his small watch manufactory. The successful entrepreneur continues to design his timepieces in Singapore – including, of course, unusual pilot’s watches. These are then sold via the company’s own online store to enthusiastic fans all over the world. By the way, all chronometers from the house of Zelos are numbered and appear in strictly limited editions.

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