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Exclusive timepieces from Germany
The Pilot Watch Magazine
15 January 2024

High-quality mechanical watches from Baden-Württemberg

Like its sister brand Archimede, Limes is a small, fine watch brand from Ickler, based in Pforzheim, Germany. Karl Ickler founded the family business back in 1924. After initially working as a production manager in various foreign companies, Ickler ventured into self-employment and launched his watch case manufactory with a great deal of expertise. To this day, almost every part is developed and manufactured in-house: Design, construction, prototyping, parts, production, surface treatment, laser engraving, assembly and quality control.

In 1947, his sons Heinz and Kurt Ickler resumed production, which had been suspended during the war, and continued to expand the business. Today, the manufactory for sophisticated watches and watch cases is run by the fourth generation. The company manufactures its products for internationally renowned customers under the strictest quality guidelines.

Limes is an internationally renowned German watch brand with almost 100 years of experience in the watch industry.


Exclusive production in Pforzheim

Limes launched its first watches on the market in 1980. The collections include exclusive timepieces with automatic, manual and chronograph movements – including, of course, outstanding pilot’s watches. From design to construction, prototypes and production of the case parts, polishing and grinding by hand through to assembly and the strict final checks of the watches, all work steps are carried out exclusively in the Pforzheim watchmaker’s workshop. This incomparably high level of vertical integration in Germany is a key feature of the independent and family-run watch brand.

Traditional location of the German watch industry

Margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden laid the foundations for the development of the watch industry in Pforzheim back in 1767. The establishment of a watch factory in the Pforzheim orphanage led to a burgeoning regional jewelry and watch industry. The aim was to provide the orphans with a prestigious education and set them on the path to economic independence. To this day, Pforzheim is considered an important location for the German watch industry. Around three quarters of all German jewelry is produced in the city. It is also home to the only goldsmith and watchmaking school in Germany.

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